Image preview of GilBot project


WhatsApp bot for any needs. Made with whatsapp-web.js and Prisma, for the website is using React and TailwindCSS

Image preview of Vlr API project


Unofficial Valorant match API from site. Made with Express and Cheerio.

Image preview of RPL Skandakra Bot project

RPL Skandakra Bot

A bot for help moderation in RPL Skandakra Discord Server. Made using discord.js.

Image preview of RPL Skandakra Dev Website project

RPL Skandakra Dev Website

An official website for RPL Skandakra Dev Community. Made with Next.js, Chakra UI and Contentful.

Image preview of Bed Covid RS Indonesia project

Bed Covid RS Indonesia

A website that provides information regarding the availability of hospitals and hospital beds for covid-19 or non-covid patients in Indonesia.

Image preview of Next.js Chakra Starter project

Next.js Chakra Starter

An opinionated simple starter / template project with Next.js and Chakra UI.

Image preview of Pengaduan Sekolah project

Pengaduan Sekolah

Pengaduan sekolah is an app for sent complaint to your school. Made with React & Chakra UI.

Image preview of Gift Store Landing Page project

Gift Store Landing Page

Simple landing page sliced from design in figma. Made with React and Framer Motion.

Image preview of E-Voting project


E-Voting app to choose your choice. Made with React and TailwindCSS.

Image preview of Todo List App project

Todo List App

Todo list app to manage your activities. Made with React and data stored to web storage.

Image preview of Image Gallery project

Image Gallery

Image gallery app to search your favorite image. Made with React, TailwindCSS and Pixabay API.